Key to the Kingdom
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I receive salvation?

Know that God loves you and wants you to respond to His love.  John 3:16

Believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God and he died on the cross.  John 20:31.

Make Jesus the Lord of your life and confess him as the Savior of your soul.  Romans 10:17

Be baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sin and receive His Spirit.  Acts 2:38

Turn away from the sin in your life and begin to obey the commands of the Lord. Acts 17:30-31.

Do I have to pay to view messages?

No.  All of the messages, in any format are available free from any charge.  Each may be downloaded either in video, audio or written format. 

What does it cost to receive a Bible study?

Nothing.  All Bible studies are free from any charge.  They are sent out with the postage already paid and there is no commitment to continue the study.

Can I subscribe to a newsletter?

The monthly newsletter can be read online.  There is no charge to receive it. If you would like the newsletter emailed to you please submit the form on the
Contact Us
page and request to be added to the newsletter email list.

How can I receive “Key to the Kingdom” on my television?

Look at the Broadcast Schedule for times and listings in your area. If you don't see your viewing area posted please go to Contact Us and let us know where
you are so we can find out if your Public Access Station can be added to our schedule.

Are donations required to be a part of this ministry?

No.  Please be our guest to search the website.  Anything that is offered requires no cost or commitment of any kind.  Free will offerings are accepted
but not expected.  If you choose to make a donation please visit the Donate page on this website. You may give by using the convenient PayPal link
or by sending a contribution to our office in Kansas.

How is “Key to the Kingdom” funded?

Churches and individuals from various places around the country provide financial assistance.  Through church budgets, personal contributions,
estate planning, along with special and monthly gifts, funds are given to purchase airtime.  No funds are ever requested on the airwaves. 
Bret does not ask for any contributions, nor does he charge for any of his messages.  Anyone however, is welcome to make a donation if they
feel led to do so.  All gifts to “Key to the Kingdom” are tax deductible. 

What are the advantages of using mass media?

There are several, but the following seem to be the most prevalent:

1)      Smaller quantities of money can be used to reach large numbers of people.

2)      It is non-threatening as people can choose whether or not to watch or listen.

3)      It allows one to instantly communicate with others around the world. 

Why should I listen to messages from Bret McCasland?

They are simple and basic in nature.  Bret shares gospel messages from the Word of God and draws applications for living in today’s world. 

Is Bret available for speaking appointments?

Yes.  Please go to the Contact Us page for information on how to reach him.

How can I view or listen to Bret’s messages on the internet?

Go to the Resources page of this website for a listing of recent & archived messages.  Download any which might be of interest to you.

Is “Key to the Kingdom” associated with a denomination?

Primary support and funding comes from congregations of the Church of Christ.

Is “Key to the Kingdom” a worldwide ministry?

Yes.  Through television, shortwave, the Internet, and other media, people around the world are able to access “Key to the Kingdom.” 
See the Broadcast Schedule for more information on where and when you can view it in your area.