Key to the Kingdom
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All times listed are in the time zone of the location named unless otherwise indicated.

Public Access Stations Domestic Television Broadcasts
  Arizona         Texas    
  Prescott PCAC Ch. 13 Tues. 11:30; Wed. 5:30 pm     Amarillo KAMR  Ch. 5 Sun.12:00 am
          KCPN  Ch. 7 Sun.  8:00 am
  Fayetteville CATV Ch. 8 Sun. 5:00 pm   International Television Broadcasts
  Searcy University TV 16 check local schedule     Canada Toronto    
          Vision Channel Fri. 8:30 am  
  California         The Christian Channel Thurs. 7:30 am  
  Hesperia HDTV Ch. 55 check local schedule        
        Mobile Devices  
  Iowa         Key to the Kingdom®  app for smart phone or other mobile device
  Cedar Falls Mediacom Sun. 8:00 am & 9:30 pm     (available through your app store)
  Massachusetts       Roku® Television    
  Fall River Ch. 95 check local schedule     Key to the Kingdom® channel available on Roku® streaming players
  New Bedford NBTV 98 Sun. 11:00 am    
  Cass City   check local schedule    
  Duluth Ch. 20 Mon. 4:30 pm    
  Marshall Studio 8 Ch. 8 Mon. 9:30 pm    
  St. Paul SPNN Comm. Access check local schedule    
  Poplar Bluff Ch. 17 check local schedule    
  St. Genevieve Ch. 98 Sun. 8:30 am, 2:30 pm    
  New Mexico        
  Los Alamos PAC 8 check local schedule    
  Santa Fe Ch. 6 Sun. 5:30 pm    
  New York        
  Rochester ICAT Ch. 15 check local schedule    
  Defiance DCTV Ch. 3 check local schedule    
  Madison Ch. 4 Tues. 9:00 pm    
  Prescott PCA Wed. 9:30 pm    
To see if your local Public Access Station can be added to the Key to the Kingdom Television schedule, contact:
Bret McCasland
8900 Witmer Ct.
Amarillo, TX  79119

Please remember that air times change frequently, as does station ownership.
Additions to and deletions from this list are inevitable.
This listing is provided to you as a reference only.
If you need more specific times please reference your local station guide.